What is Purpledognet?

This Blog is no longer active. Please visit our website:


for more information about the Purple Dog Network.



14 Responses to What is Purpledognet?

  1. annaojbee says:

    Love this idea. Makes much more sense now you’ve got a blog too. I don’t have a business, but have an idea to help other business, which may eventually develop into a business itself (confused – I am, but if I don’t do something about it I’ll probably regret it). Don’t want to announce it on here but I would be grateful if you could just drop me a line letting me knoow how to get in touch with you so I can run it by you if you wouldn’t mind. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I’m not exactly sure what ‘it’ is yet, and wouldn’t want to take up blog space explaining something if it’s a waste of time.

  2. breathe says:

    Great to see the blog. Planning where to send the press release next. sent to local bbc radio, my aim is to get purpledog day mentioned on local radio across the midlands. Would you be around to chat to bbc across the midlands on a late night show next weekend???

  3. lehalvi says:

    I really like your idea and concept, brilliant.
    One other thing i was thinking, if you need to redesign your website on a very competitive rate than i can help you. Would you mind having a chat about that sometime?
    Ali @FiveDesigns

  4. Penny Wilks says:

    Hi Purpledognet, This is a great idea in helping promote UK Businesses, especially ones just starting out and smaller enterprises. Carry on with your Great Work 🙂

  5. Zap Media says:

    Ace idea. A fantastic way to promote UK Business, social media simply rocks!

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  7. Keith says:

    Hi Purpledognet,

    what is the name of the LinkedIn group please ??


  8. Maeve Smith says:

    I love this idea, it’s what is all about. Well done.

  9. Great idea, will follow religiously 🙂 Hopefully I can develop my tweeting further to help me (and others)… thanks!

  10. Nicola Shani says:

    Amazing idea. I’m a relatively new business, running an online jewellery company. I follow every day, because your tips are great! They’ve been a big help for a new starter like me. Retweeted about 3 times today – will do so many more. Thanks!

  11. Ian Feeley says:

    Like yourselves, we too are a new business establishing ourselves in the Country Shows, Fairs and Events world. We have been amazed at the traffic our website has been receiving – some of which is no doubt down to yourselves. Congratulations on developing successfully a very simple networking concept.

  12. Nick Horler says:

    Any think that’s Purple has to be a GOOD thing….

  13. Love the concept! ☞ it shows how twitter can really make your business profile grow!

  14. Gail Goss says:

    Great idea, how do you promote me and me you?

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